2000 ford f150 manual odometer problem

Transmissions are complicated and expensive, which generally means its time to worry when they wont shift. The dealer diagnosed the failure and stated that they would have to replace the electrical instrument panel. What would cause the odometer light to go out intermittently. I remove a gauge cluster from a 2002 ford f150 so we can get it repaired.

Before running off to the mechanic or rockauto for a rebuild, check out this stepbystep guide on how to diagnose and fix a transmission that wont shift. I wonder if a person can take the speedometer out of a junkyard one, you still would have your mileage. It will usually come back on by itself after a few minutes, or a slight tap on the instrument panel will usually make it come back on. Ford f150 questions 2000 f150 wont start, cargurus. My 2000 f150 has the same odometer blackout problem. Rockauto ships auto parts and body parts from over 300 manufacturers to customers doors worldwide, all at warehouse prices. How to repair your ford f150 odometer display youtube. We have a 2002 ford f250 that had the gauges all go out, windows, door. He felt that the failure could possibly cause a short and fire. However, the odometer, a digital readout in this case, intermittently goes black. The odometer is all dashes and the theft light is flashing really fast.

I dont believe the guage cluster is bad, the speedometer is the only guage not working. This video will show you how to repair the problem in a few hours for no money. At night, i can usually see that its still there, just has no brightness to it. Fire marshals report noted the fire was caused by an electrical problem. Hey guys, the speedometer in my 96 f150 is not working, and i cant figure out why. As i am traveling down the road, at times i notice a quick slip in the power to the wheels. It is on most of the time, but sometimes goes out for a few minutes. Ford, odometer, repair, f150, f250, f350, expedition, explorer created date. Odometer blackout problem fixed ford truck enthusiasts forums. My odometer has been going on and off intermittently since i bought the truck 4 months ago, no big deal. There is good fuel psi, just changed the fuel pump relay. Codes my truck is a 2003 ford f150 but in it says that this is good for any ford with a digital odometer.

View and download ford 2000 e150 owners manual online. Is his likely a clutch problem or a bigger transmission problem. The odometer display on early 2000 model year ford f150 pickups can become intermittent or go out completely. Find your owner manual, warranty here, and other information here. Using a service manual or cd, remove your instrument cluster. Consumer heard loud explosion coming from front yard, opened the front door and saw truck engulfed in flames. For a while it worked only when it was raining out, which made me think it. Genuine oem instrument clusters for ford f350 for sale ebay.

Ford f250 super duty questions my gauges quit working. Instrument clusters for 1992 ford f150 for sale ebay. The speedometer is an important part of the car engine as it indicates the speed of your vehicle while on the road. But the plastic gears that turn an analog odometer have a. Today he said to contact the dealer to see it there is a recall.

Read real discussions on thousands of topics and get your questions answered. How do you repair the odometer light in a 2000 ford f150. Electrical, lights and audio 9703 odometer fix a common problem among these trucks is that the odometer will randomly. Ford pickup trucks trucks trailers discussion forum. Access quick reference guides, a roadside assistance card, a link to your vehicles warranty and supplemental information if available. When i start the truck it isnt illuminated but after i have driven ford f150 odometer problem. While driving approximately 35 mph and when the vehicle is started, the odometer illuminates and registers the mileage intermittently. If you do not see your particular vehicle listed, please call us at 8005472049 to discuss a. Is there an easy fix for it, or is this a dealer fix. The gauge cluster had the classic odometer display problem. Consumers truck was parked for about 2 to 3 hours before fire.

Speedometerodometer not working wont shift ford f150 forum. How do you repair a 2000 ford expedition odometer answers. He stated that the odometer would fade in and out and sometimes would remain off for several minutes. The only way youll know if your car hits the 200,000 mile mark is by having a functioning odometer. That is, the odometer sometimes works normally and at other times the odometer display will be. This article explores common component problems for your ford f150 and provides possible solutions. Cluster fix demonstrates the removal of the instrument cluster on the 2000 ford f150 which is similar to some other years as well. Page 1 table of contents page 2 introduction page 3 page 4 svt f150. Yours is a mechanical odometer with the push rod reset, right. Ford f150 2001 owners manual download manual pdf for 2001 f150 lariat, king ranch, xl, harleydavidson, xlt, svt lightning ford f150 2000 owners manual download manual pdf. I have a 1999 ford f150 and it has a problem with the odometer coming and going.

I have no odometer display and the radio is also not lighting up. We offer repair services for these instrument clusters for. How to repair a ford odometer digital display youtube. The failure mileage was 96,000 and the current mileage was 101,000. About six months ago, same problem, took it to a transmission shop who said they replaced the speed sensor and took a bunch of my money. Ford intermittent odometer repair manual is the only repair manual available for the intermittent odometer problem and it is. The owners manual says if you have problems with your trailer bring in shop. This repair was performed on a 2003 ford f150 pickup truck but the p. This video will show you how to repair the problem. All that stuff in there is solid state how would that go bad. I have a 2000 f150 on which the odometertrip meter digital display is intermittent. The odometer display on early2000 model year ford f150 pickups can become intermittent or go out completely. Ford f150 questions what could be the problem with my f150.

This is the intermittent odometer problem, which is very common is 1999 2003 fseries pickups f150, f250, f350, as well as the expedition and explorer for the same years. My 2000 ford f150 odometer display keeps going on and off. The 2000 ford f150 has 3 nhtsa complaints for the power train. Odometer problems are a common issue for older model ford cars and fseries trucks. We perform a wide variety of ford odometer repairs for many different makes and models starting with 1987 and later. I had this same blinkingvanishing odometer problem in my 99 f150 for several yeas. The paint has been cracking for the last few years anonymous, wa 2000 ford f150 unsure 5. Hey everyone, as requested here is my vid on how i fixed my odometer with ease on my 01 f150. Ford f150 19972003 2000 odometer has been going on and off intermittently. The 2000 ford f150 has 5 problems reported for odometer not displaying. My odometer, speedometer, fuel, tach, trip, and all of the gauges quit working.

Not getting any check engine lights or codes found. Odometer showed they test drove my truck a total of 25 miles over the course of a week to no avail. Ford f150 odometer problem ford pickup trucks page 1. Is there a relay or something i should be looking for and being i dont have an owners manual, which fuse is the one that covers this. Ford may change the contents without notice and without incurring obligation. Ford f150 19972003 2000 no odometer display and radio is not lighting up mar 4, 2017.

Refill capacities engine performance motorcraft part numbers 5. Ford truck and suv models of the late 90s through earlymid 2000s. Odometer fix remove gauge cluster on 19972003 ford f150. Ford f150 questions if your truck cranks but will not. I have had the intermittent vanishing led odometer for a pretty long time now. Special notices using your vehicle with a snowplow for more information and guidelines for using your vehicle with a snowplow, refer to the driving chapter. Like any automobile or truck, the ford f150 encounters common mechanical problems an owner with basic information can detect, fix, or seek expert help if its complex. Print, read or download a pdf or browse an easy, online, clickable version. Ive had this problem dx by my local mechanic over three years and he has repaired it. Recently the speedometer stopped working, odometer disappeared, and the truck wont shift out of first gear. As with any brand of vehicle, ford vehicles are susceptible to speedometer problems. Last, i had an issue with the wires inside the fuel tank being corroded on my 2000 f150 5. Without basic test equipment and a manual explaining what to test and how, youre. Step 1 check to see which transmission the truck has.

I had the same problem on my 2000 f150, but my warranty. Ford fseries electrical and lighting problems page 2. View and download ford f150 2000 introduction manual online. Our list of 18 known complaints reported by owners can help you fix your 2000 ford f150.

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